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About Talod

Talod is not only a city but also a municipality that is located in the district of Sabarkantha in one of the most eminent Indian States, Gujarat. The market of Talod is extremely popular for the sacheta metals, silicon plywood, etc. Talod is situated at 23.35 degrees North and 72.95 degrees East.

Demographics of Talod

According to the Indian Census of the year 2001, the city of Talod was known to have a population of around 17,472 people. Out of this, the males constitute around 52 percent of the entire population, and the females constitute the rest 48 percent of the population. The average rate of literacy of this city is around 69 percent which is a lot higher in comparison to the country’s national average which is around 59.5 percent. The literacy rate of the males is around 76 percent while that of the females is 60 percent. The population that is below the age of six years is around 13 percent. The population of Talod is considered to be the followers of Islam, Hinduism, and Jainism.

History of Talod

The state of Ranasan belonged to the famous Mahi Kantha Agency, and it was a princely state. The capital was located in the village of Ranasan which was located in the municipality of Talod when the British were ruling India.

Development of Talod

In recent times, Talod has been highly developed because of the new government that has come to power. There were hardly any roads in northern Talod, but now the government has paved a number of roads. There are many facilities that are available in Talod. Water is available for a limited time period only for the households. There are many shops that have started to progress a lot now. Talod is also well-known for the ambulance service, call center, and police force.

Transport in Talod

The city of Talod is connected to different parts of Gujarat with the help of the rail and road transport.

Rail Transport

The nearest railway stations to the city of Talod are the Dhansura Railway Station, the Marakhad Railway Station, and the Lodna Railway Station. Regular trains are available from all the major cities for visiting Talod. The railway station of Talod is named Sabar Kantha, and it is owned by the Western Railway.

Road Transport

There are no buses available for traveling from one part of the city to another. Private vehicles can be hired for moving from one part of the city to another.

Air Transport

The nearest airport located to the city of Talod is the Ahmedabad Airport, also known as the Sardar Vallabhai Patel International Airport.

Tourism in Talod

Tourists come down to Talod every year to visit the beautiful tourist destinations that are present in and around Talod.

Adalaj Stepwell

The Adalaj Stepwell was built by Queen Rudabai in the year 1449. It goes down several storeys. It is one of the best tourist destinations which is located close to the city of Talod. This place is perfect for the history lovers and the adventure diggers. The figures and the motifs in this place have intricate and amazing designs on them. It is must visit for the tourists coming to Talod.

The Jhanjhari Waterfalls

The Jhanjhari Waterfalls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls that is located at quite a distance from Talod, but nevertheless, it is a must visit. The water is known to fall on the flat ground surface, allowing the tourists to take a walk. The green landscapes make this place even more beautiful.

Talod is a place that should definitely be visited by the tourists if they are visiting Gujarat.

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